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The most complete and intuitive way of publishing your brochures and catalogues on the Internet.
• Maximum readability
• Integrated search engine
• Optimised for Google
• Statistics included

With Fluidbook, publish your printed documents online and ensure a low cost worldwide diffusion of your documents.
Not to mention offering Internet users an incomparable reading experience !
Manufacturer of pens, razors, sailing boats, lighters and mobile phones.

Belgian Television Group

TNT is the 1st company in France for the express delivery of parcels and documents.

Turn the pages
Flick through your documents in the
most natural way; by turning the pages.
Quite simply.
Place a bookmark on each page that
interests you and, in one click and
easily find it.
In a single glance you can see the entire
document in miniature and directly access
the page that interests you.
Send to a friend
With the "Send to a Friend" function
your Fluidbook can circulate and
be seen all over the internet.
You can print all or some of your Fluidbook
at any time, in single or double page format.
PDF export
Each Fluidbook can be downloaded
as a PDF (this function can also
be disabled on request).
Full screen
Fluidbook adapts to screen resolutions,
which means that your publication always
appears in the largest possible format.
Text search
Searching has never been this easy;
all results are underlined on the page
and throughout the entire Fluidbook.
Which means you can find what you
want in the blink of an eye.
Vector-graphics text
Whatever the level of zoom, text always
appears perfectly defined, for an unequalled
reading experience. Fluidbook marks the
end of oversized pixels.
With a simple click you can zoom in any
part of the page, as well as moving around
the page by simply moving the mouse.
It's the world most intuitive and fluid zoom.
Copy and paste
Does a text interest you? You can copy it
and paste it into another application.
(available soon).
Internet or CD-ROM
Fluidbook works on the Internet and as a
CD-ROM. CD-ROMs can be sent directly
to (prospective) clients or used by your
salesforce in sales presentations.
Google loves Fluidbook
All the texts of your Fluidbook are
indexed for natural referencement
(like a html page) by the major search
engines : Google, Yahoo!, etc.
With the integrated statistics tool you can
discover how many people have seen
your Fluidbook, which pages have been
most viewed, which words have been
most search and other statistics vital to
efficiently targeting your publication.
Personal graphic interface
We adapt the Fluidbook interface to your
company graphic identity, such as colours,
fonts and logo.
Video, music and animation
Fluidbook can integrate any type of
multimedia content : presentation videos,
a product in 3D, animated graphics.
It's all possible.
Secure access
With secure access, you can publish
your magazine online and, thanks to
Fluidbook, only your subscribers will be
able to see it. On top of which, you can
prevent any chance of your publication
being pirated by disabling the PDF Export
and Print functions.
All the products in your Fluidbook catalogue
can be linked directly to the corresponding
page on your e-commerce site.
Fluidbook is available in different languages.
Please contact us with your particular
language needs.
Quality adjustment
The quality of images is optimized
according to the reader's Internet
connection and the type of images.
Standard server
Fluidbook does not need a special server
or database. Fluidbook can simply be
placed on your current Internet server.
No special plugin needed
Fluidbook uses the Flash Reader.
Currently, 98% of computers have
Flash Reader installed; for the remaining
2% Fluidbook automatically gives the
option to install the Flash Reader.
Optimized loading
Fluidbook loads each page separately
and continually. Which means, practically,
that while you are reading a page, later
pages are loading in the background,
making them immediately available when
you move on. single glance you can see the
entire documents in miniature and directly
access the page that interests you.
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